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  • What modes of study are available?

    Now from where you are, with our methodology and modalities you can achieve your goals of professional growth.

    We know your schedule requirement to study the preparation course to obtain your CCP certification from AACE International, for this reason we now offer you the following modality to choose the one that fits best with your time. All have the same benefits offered.

    • 1. Classroom Mode:

    Participants attend a classroom with teacher present or connected online. It starts at fixed times and progresses according to frequency set.

    • 2. Live Webcast mode

    Participants from where they are connect via internet to class transmission via online, with teacher connected in real time. It starts at fixed times and progresses according to frequency set.

    • 3. Online Self-paced Mode (Self-study 24/7)

    Participants  access to study material and videos available 24/7 through internet. They have a  facilitator support. Available to start and advance to the pace and availability of the participant.

  • ¿Como comprar un curso en EPCM Project Academy'
    • Para comprar registrese en nuestra web y use nuestra pasarela de pago.
    • Desde el Extranjero -  Via Paypal
      • Si está en el extranjero puede comprar  usando su tarjeta de credito .
    • Dentro del Peru - PagoEfectivo

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